Hire the Right Real Estate Agent and Sell Your Home Fast! Tips for Getting Your Home Off the Market by Andrew Stratton

Selling a house can be a burden, especially one that might be seen as a hard sell. Maybe the neighborhood isn’t just right or maybe the house is showing its age. A professional, experienced real estate agent, however, can overcome even the most insurmountable and negative problems.

Here are a few agents’ suggestions for selling your home as quickly as possible. These are easier on the wallet, require minimal work, and don’t require hasty remodeling jobs.

– Give your home curb appeal. This may seem contrite, but there’s a very good reason you hear it repeatedly. Potential buyers thinking of touring your house will drive-by first and decide if it is even worth a peek on the inside. Ensure that your home looks great from the street by power washing walkways, planting seasonal, blooming flowers or greenery, and mowing the lawn. Make sure the porch looks warm and inviting with comfortable seating and touchups on the paint if necessary.

– Make sure the interior is sparkling clean. Shining wood floors, clean countertops and toilets, and freshly vacuumed rugs show that your house has been cared for. It’s one of the easiest ways to make sure your home looks its best. Hiring professional cleaners may be necessary for tough jobs like cleaning grout or carpets, especially if your home is large. A shining interior is one of the most important details when selling a home, and should not be skipped.

– Get rid of clutter. When you are staging your home, clutter has to be put away. It’s not easy, and it may even require putting some belongings in storage while your house is being shown. It will be well worth the trouble and expense. Plan to purge anything unnecessary or unsightly, even inside pantries and closets.

– Try to rearrange or redo furniture and room accents that are too reflective of your own style. In other words, if you have eclectic or even eccentric tastes, some items may need to go into storage. Try to keep things very traditional in order to appeal to the most people. You can’t anticipate the style of each potential buyer, but if you make the decor less outlandish and more conservative while your home is showing, buyers can more easily picture their own belongings in the house.

– Keep things clean, but make it look livable and inviting. While it is true that clutter should be cleared and your house should sparkle, but be sure to keep a few things that will make your home charming. Fill vases with fresh flowers, spruce up kitchen counters with fresh produce, and add personality to coffee tables with a couple of magazines and candy.

– Look at your floors and make sure they are in good shape. Give all floors a thorough cleaning, including carpets, rugs, and linoleum. With hardwoods, they should be refinished if they are in bad condition. If your budget won’t allow for redoing the floors, use area rugs to beautify them and draw visitors’ eyes away from the most unsightly areas.

– Arrange furniture in a symmetrical way, away from the walls. Create an inviting conversation area where people can sit and talk.

– Make sure the master bedroom is as gender neutral as possible. Be sure to get rid of personal items and clutter. Instead of having him or her look on bedside tables or vanities, set out a simple vase of fresh flowers or a framed picture.

Working with your real estate agent on these steps can ensure that your house sells quickly and appeals to as many buyers as possible.

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